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Beijing Fanghong Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Halvorson and Partners (Structural Engineer)

Completion - 2016
90,000 Square Meters

Office Tower A - 50 meters
Office Tower B - 150 meters
Conference and Meeting Center

At the key intersection of the Fourth Ring Road and Chaoyang North Road Expressway, the Textile Tower will occupy a prominent and important position on the sky-line of Beijing. In response to planning restrictions for building height and sun angle restrictions, there are two towers to accommodate the 90,000 square meter program. Rising to 150 meters, the taller of these provides a highly efficient cruciform plan while presenting a gentle curve in section and elevation.

In deference to the Owner’s primary business enterprise of fabric production, the shape of the towers mimics the gently tapered, conical forms of thread spools used in industrial scale textile production; the subtle pattern of the exterior wall, an interlocking modular system of stone, vision glass and stainless steel, is a reference to the intertwining threads of a richly textured fabric.

The corner site provides an exceptional and highly visible position for the towers. The curved shape of the buildings was conceived in response to this location; the subtle rounding of the building elevations provides a contrast to the adjacent rectilinear shapes of the immediate neighborhood. Tenant views from the new office buildings will be exceptional in all directions.

Both towers have been carefully positioned to avoid blocking access to light and air for existing neighbors including the Balizhuang Mosque to the south, a large residential hi-rise community just to the east, and the Liulitun residential towers just to the west of the Fourth Ring Road.

Architectural Design
Landscape Design