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Our work is defined in part through an investigation of place. Attitudes about form, space and scale emerge through a study of cultural touchstones and an analysis of the historical, physical and environmental context of each particular commission. The firm eagerly explores distinctions of location, adapting the unique patterns and visual imagery found there to enrich and enliven the buildings and spaces we design.

At the same time each commission is carefully organized unto itself, controlled with precise geometries and a corresponding framework of proportions. Such methods for arranging the program are inspired by natural and human forms, resulting in designs which are contemporary yet lyrical. We respect program, budget and schedule and are especially concerned with the way our structures are assembled, paying careful attention to detail and craftsmanship.

T+D is responsive and flexible in our teaming arrangements. We are current with technological advances in digital design and building technology and recognize the need for enlightened, cost effective stewardship of the natural environment.